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A Clear-span Structured Marquee 10 meter wide and 3 meter Length Extensions


Price Mentioned is for Reference Only


Includes : Setup on Grass Surface pegged with White roof on the top


Excludes : Side Walls White, Clear or Window Church Style, Setup on Hard Surface, Lighting , Roof Lining , Curtains, Delivery and Pickup Charges.


Aluminum Structures are modular by design and are based on a bay distance of 3m Wide with a eave height of 3m Approx and middle height 4.5m Approx. No Poles in Middle give you more clear space.


Charges for Side Walls White Color $25 per 3m size

Charges for Side Wall Clear or Window $30 per 3m Size

10m x 3m Hocker Clear-Span Structured Marquee Tent

Excluding GST
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